I agreed to go with a new friend to Spain because he is afraid of flying and has trouble driving all the way there and back from London by himself. My role was basically to keep him awake, make sure he drove on the correct side of the road, and play translator when needed, and in exchange he paid for all of the housing, gas, and most of the food and I got to spend a week on the beach. I definitely got the best end of the deal, but on our way back today he told me that he had a “thank-you” surprise, so around 16:00 he told me to keep looking out the window. I quickly noticed a giant castle city. Turns out that knowing my love of castles and wanting to thank me he had decided to spend the night in Carcassonne.

So all those photos I promised? Well Tumblr hates me and for some reason is keeping them all in escrow and won’t post them. (Sorry pops) Buuuut, I because I met one of the coolest people ever yesterday I wanted to try a temporary solution and downloaded the app, so now we’ll see how that works out!


I have been in a crapy mood for basically the last month and a half, and have also been entirely uncertain about every life choice/decision I have ever made/ever will make. There has been a lot of back and forth about what I am doing (no less than seven times have I changed the day I was due to go back to the US, thoroughly annoying my parents).

But during that time I have met some wonderful people and gone on a few fantastic adventures that were much less about “soul searching” and much more about “surviving another day.”

I tend to make stupid, highly emotional decisions and then everything blows up on my face, life’s a vicious circle, especially when you are me.

But two things have happened recently: 1) I got some supposedly good news and 2) My phone ran out of memory.

These things combined have made me decide to update a bit, but be warned, most of the pics to come are not the “super happy” the blog name implies, because, as mentioned, crappy mood.

I’m Basically Laurie after Jo but before Amy when he escapes to Europe to be all depressed and moody. Also, props to anyone who actually understands that obscure literary reference to what is possibly my favorite book that doesn’t end with like every one dying/being screwed over.

That being said, have a great day and here come the photos!

Thanks to those who have stuck around.

I dreamt last night that you had died. I found out because someone left a large, poorly scrawled note for me on a table full of notes. It was the note of a child, and I knew that it was because only a child would believe in fairy-tales enough to want me to know. I read the note and I cried, but I went off to find you so that I could say sorry one last time, but I woke before I could and there were tears on my face.
Mornings are always the hardest, because that is when I have to admit that the nightmares are mostly true, and I might never get to say I’m sorry again.
Junior Hope